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Welcome to Siam Kargo Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Since its’ establishment in 1986, Siam Kargo Logistics Co.,Ltd. has grown from an independent, family owned business into what is now one of the leading logistics providers in Thailand. Offering a one stop service for all our customers’ logistical needs we provide a reliable and professional end to end supply chain for all, from multi-national corporations and traders, to smaller organizations, to the individual.

Providing global logistical solutions we can facilitate international shipments across any boundary, meaning “just one call to one number” is all you need to move your cargo from any point in the world by air, sea or inland transport. Working from a span of three branches in Thailand, our experienced and dependable team combined with the latest modern technology will manage your freight in an efficient, timely and loyal manner. Operating in partnership with all our clients to ensure a service of the very best level we are sure you will find all you are looking for logistically at Siam Kargo.